Mexican Riviera Cruises

Cruises to the Mexican Riviera

With its scenic coastline extending around the Baja Peninsula, western Mexico consists of three states and a petite grouping of islands. An experience on Mexico's Gold Coast may include lounging on the beach, kayaking a sandbar, exploring Mayan ruins or dancing in trendy nightclubs. Mazatlan offers a more traditional cultural experience, while Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas are especially accommodating to cruisers looking to shop or head to local restaurant and bars.

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  • Mexican Riviera 7 day
    I wanted to go on a warm cruise after doing the Alaskan last year. The weather was warm - unbearably warm ha. Its a nice run down to Mexico and back. I wasn't overly impressed with the excursions (just city overviews) as they seemed to be sales ... Read more
  • A very easy cruise for us
    We chose this cruise as we could drive to San Fran..., no flying necessary. It also had a very good price point, and we managed to get a stern facing balcony stateroom (see my review on that). My wife had done the Mexican Riviera in her ... Read more
  • I chose this cruise for the speacialty group sailing on it, but the ship was not exciting. The ship lacked the Spa amenities I was hoping for. The hot tubs were inconsistantly warm/luke warm/hot. Serenity was too small and always crowded. Deck ... Read more
    Just returned Saturday morning and can say that I truly needed and enjoyed my week away. Will NEVER cruise out of Long Beach again without FTTF!! That line was at least an 1 1/2 hour wait ... I'm not that patient, sorry, not sorry. There was no one ... Read more
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  • First and Worst Cruise
    I and my family took this cruise and thought that it would be wonderful. 1. We booked it and though the prices advertised quoted $209 per person it ended up being $900 for two people, with each of us having 2 people per cabin. We then ... Read more
  • Room 6216, Balcony port side. Overall rating of the Cruise was a 4.5 out of 5. Embarkation: It was a beautiful morning as we came to port in the Hotel shuttle. Traffic was terrible at the port for some reason the semi-trucks delivering to the ... Read more