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Budapest was amazing
"Budapest was amazing"
Member photo by Jrmcelroy:

Budapest was amazing

(Jan 2016)
Budapest was amazing
Golden crown but all those churches run together!
Melk Abbey tower.
Christmas Markets
Christmas Markets
Rothenburg ob der Tauber
A Monastery Ceiling Mural
Abbey trip.
Visiting the Nuremberg Trial courthouse.
The Butterfield sisters on Castle Hilll in Budapest
We were in the castle in Heidelberg trying to figure out how we could fit this barrel into our luggage
Budapest Hungary. The most beautiful city we experienced
Hofsburg Palace, Vienna
Nuremburg from the Castle Walls
Romantic Danube cruise became a nightmare when we had to stare at this wall  for three days and pay for our own excursion  to avoid looking at this wall and feeling claustrophobic.  There was this wall on one side and another ship parked right next to us on the other side.
One of the Viking coaches
Shoe memorial

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Budapest was amazing