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One of the towel animals
"One of the towel animals"
Member photo by FLgalloves cruises:

One of the towel animals

(Sep 2015)
One of the towel animals
Porthole Cabin M24
Porthole Cabin M24
Cabin R8 on deck 4 forward
Love those towel animals.
Birthday wishes from our cabin steward (towel monkey also hanging from ceiling)
Our cabin U136
This just a picture of boat docked in Cozumel. I am a frequent cruiser. More than 10. This was just to be a nice long weekend. Oh my gosh. Boat was beyond filthy. Floors almost dark brown. Mold in showers.  ... Room steward very inattentive. Never once in dinning room did we get correct food we ordered. Dinner food cold. No bar service at dinner. I did not stay in an inexpensive room in the bowels of the boat either.  Food at buffet was so salty and fried food tasted of old grease. Fruit was not ripe. Ordering drinks at bar many tenders could not understand English well enough to get your drinks correct. This BOAT IS BEYOND DIRTY AND SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF COMMISSION!!!
Libert our Steward kept us smiling with the various towel animals he would

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One of the towel animals