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Aruba Shore Excursion Reviews

Aruba (Photo:Steve Photography/Shutterstock)

Find Things to Do in Aruba

25 Excursions Found

#1 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Island Tour

248 Reviews
From its rich, layered heritage to its duty-free shops and stunning beaches, find out why Aruba is called “One Happy Island” on an island tour.
#2 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


185 Reviews
Aruba offers some of the finest offshore locations to experience the island's small coral bays and vibrantly colored fish. Beginners and experienced snorkelers alike will love the experience.
#3 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


125 Reviews
Spend your day relaxing on the picturesque shores of Aruba. Framed by palm trees and crystal-clear waters, these beaches are the definition of paradise.
#4 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


65 Reviews
You will have the opportunity to get an up close view of exotic marine life while diving to depths up to 130 feet. Be amazed by colorful schools of tropical fish, huge sponge gardens, the mystical beauties of the coral fields and two sunken wrecks.
#5 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Jeep Tour

56 Reviews
Take a ride on the wild side with a Jeep tour through Aruba’s most scenic routes and beaches.
#6 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Catamaran Tour

52 Reviews
Daily catamaran cruises transport vacationers around Aruba's breezy coastline. Try a snorkeling tour or a dinner and moonlight cruise to get more adventure out of your day!
#7 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

California Lighthouse

47 Reviews
Leave your stresses behind after a relaxing tour of Aruba’s famous white California light house followed by a beach excursion under the tropical sun.
#8 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Sunset Cruise

44 Reviews
A sunset cruise is the perfect way to top off an evening in Aruba. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as the sun sets and enjoy a traditional Aruban meal surrounded by water.
#9 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Aloe Balm Facility

31 Reviews
Take a guided tour of the Aloe Balm Facility and see the production process first hand, from leaf cutting in the fields to finished lotions and creams in the facility.
#10 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Ayo Rock Formations

31 Reviews
Towering stone boulders, placed in such close proximity and in unusual designs, combined with the tranquil environment of Ayo, create a sense of awe and an understanding of why the area was once considered a sacred site by the island's original inhabitants (the Arawak Indians).
#11 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Butterfly Farm

29 Reviews
Great for travelers of all ages! Visit this enclosed Butterfly Farm, located on Palm Beach in Aruba, to experience hundreds of unique butterflies in their habitat. If you visit in the morning hours, you may even get a glimpse of the new butterflies emerging from their chrysalises.
#12 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


26 Reviews
Geared for certified scuba divers, this underwater adventure includes gardens of coral and visits from schools of unique marine life while venturing throughout Aruba's waters.
#13 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

ATV Rental

24 Reviews
Discover the natural beauty of Aruba at an adventurous pace. An ATV rental allows you to explore parts of the island that you might not otherwise reach.
#14 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Arikok National Park

22 Reviews
Encounter Aruban rattlesnakes, parakeets, iguanas and other natural wildlife while visiting Arikok National Park. Hike or drive through the park and explore caves, cliffs and abandoned gold mines.
#15 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Sailboat Tour

13 Reviews
A sailboat jaunt on the sea surrounding Aruba offers rest and relaxation as you tour the island’s bright and breezy coastline.
#16 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Snuba Diving

13 Reviews
Snuba diving is the safest and easiest way to explore Aruba's clear tropical waters, extensive coral reefs, and incredible sea life.
#17 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Ostrich Farm

12 Reviews
Interact up close and personal with the largest living bird species on the planet. Aruba's Ostrich Farm, which also features an African art store and restaurant, will bring enjoyment to the entire family!
#18 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Horseback Riding

10 Reviews
Ride horseback along a stretch of beaches and terrain as you enjoy a beautiful view from Aruba’s coastline.
#19 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Masted Sailing Ship

6 Reviews
Sailing around Aruba on a masted ship is an ideal way to explore the surrounding waters and scenic views of the island.
#20 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


6 Reviews
Become acquainted with Aruba with a bird’s eye view of the island on an aquatic parasailing adventure.
#21 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Bar Hop

5 Reviews
This isn't your typical bar crawl. Board an open-air bus for a night of dinner and bar hopping. You might be treated to dinner under the moonlight before dancing to local tunes and frequent stops at watering holes. Are you thirsty yet?
#22 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

4 Reviews
See Aruba's coral reefs and local marine wildlife without getting wet on a glass bottom boat excursion.
#23 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


2 Reviews
Experience the beauty of Aruba's scenic coast from a new perspective on a kayaking adventure.
#24 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions

Deep Sea Fishing

1 Reviews
Whether you're an expert fisherman or a beginner, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of catching a fish local to Aruba- The waters offer great deep-sea fishing for catches such as mahi-mahi, marlin and tuna. Experience this and so much more while on a deep sea fishing tour around Aruba.
#25 of 25 Aruba Shore Excursions


1 Reviews
It's impossible not to enjoy a day of golfing on one of Aruba's finest courses when the backdrop to your excursion is a beautiful blue coastline.
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