First Time Cruisers

Is Cruising Right for Me?
Learn what to expect on a cruise by debunking cruise myths, then decide if cruising is the right vacation for you.
How to Choose a Cruise
We've got tons of tips on how to choose the best ship or itinerary, pick a cruise that fits your budget and when to upgrade to luxury.
How to Book a Cruise
Confused by how to book a cruise? Don't worry! We'll take you through the process step by step.
I Booked a Cruise, Now What?
Congratulations, you've booked a cruise! Now for the fun stuff: planning shore excursions, making dinner and spa reservations, and packing.
Things to Know Before You Cruise
Get the scoop on cruise line alcohol, smoking, tipping and dress code policies, as well as uncovering the hidden costs.
Foolproof Your Cruise Vacation
Discover what to avoid in port, how to avoid seasickness, and the pros and cons of cruising during hurricane season.
Tips and Advice for First Time Cruisers
You'll find yet more information on how to prepare for and have the best time on your cruise in our Tips and Advice section.