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Vodohod Cruises


About Vodohod Cruises

Vodohod's has one of the largest river cruising fleets in Russia. Each of the line's 12 river cruise ships are geared toward international passengers. All have four decks and feature all-outside facing, air-conditioned cabins with en suite bathrooms.

  • Who goes on Vodohod cruise ships?

  • Do I have to dress up on a Vodohod cruise?


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Vodohod Cruises


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Who goes on Vodohod cruise ships?

Vodohod attracts an international audience and, sometimes, a broad age range of passengers. The majority are over the age of 50, but the line also attracts multigenerational families with children.

The line has a strong partnership with a French cruise company so the French tend to make up the largest single nationality. The rest of the passengers come from a variety of countries, including the U.S., U.K. and mainland Europe, Hong Kong and Brazil, to name just a few. This creates a very cosmopolitan onboard atmosphere.

Do I have to dress up on a Vodohod cruise?

No. There is no set dress code and most passengers opt for casual attire. Visits to Orthodox churches and monasteries require observing certain regulations, such as wearing pants for men -- no shorts -- and longer dresses or pants for women and tops that cover shoulders and upper parts of the arm.

Evenings tend to be smart-casual, but there is no requirement to dress up. Some passengers wear jeans and T-shirts while others change into something a little smarter, particularly for the captain's dinner or evening out at a concert or ballet.

Is everything free on Vodohod cruises?

Not quite. Vodohod fares cover all meals and snacks, daily excursions, two daily bottles of water per cabin (which can be topped up from a water cooler), Wi-Fi and the services of a dedicated English-speaking host. Other onboard expenses, including drinks and gratuities are not covered.

What are Vodohod’s most popular activities?

Owned and operated by Russians, Vodohod is all about providing an authentic and in-depth experience of local Russian life and culture. Highlights include visits to world-famous museums and places of interest. The daily program features up to seven activities per day, such as Russian language lessons, cookery demos, poetry readings, Russian doll painting workshops and illustrated lectures by eminent guests including university professors.

In the evening, live traditional folk shows, performed by local singers and dancers, as well as classical music concerts always pull in a large audience.

Why go with Vodohod?

  • Authentic Russian experience onboard
  • One of the largest fleets in Russia
  • Purpose-built ships

Best for: Cosmopolitan over-50s seeking immersive Russian travel and families with older kids

Not for: Finicky eaters, fans of smaller river vessels and anyone who prefers less structured travel

Vodohod Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Russia Volga River Cruise

User Avatar
Rachel Wu

First Time Cruiser

Age 70s

Wonderful river cruise

From the moment I contacted Vodohod to book this cruise to the time we were dropped off at our hotel in St. Petersburg, we were pleased. Customer service was great. My emails to the company were responded to... Read More
User Avatar
Senior Citizen

10+ Cruises

Age 70s

Fabulous river cruise - Moscow to St Petersberg - August 2019

We had a brilliant river cruise on the MS Rostropovitch August 2019 from Moscow to St Petersberg. The ship is very clean and the staff are excellent! Our personal cruise girl Zenka (Jayne) looked after our every... Read More
User Avatar

2-5 Cruises

Age 50s

Greatly exceeded all expectations! Excellent value for money. Impeccable service

We have travelled much of the world over the last 25 years, but had never yet been to Russia. We chose a river cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow in high season. The price was very reasonable, so we did not expect... Read More
User Avatar

6-10 Cruises

Age 60s

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