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Quark Expeditions Cruises

Quark Expeditions

About Quark Expeditions Cruises

Think of Quark Expeditions as providing floating basecamps for exploring the most remote regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. The ships are small in size, allowing them to venture where other ships can't go.

  • Who goes on Quark Expeditions cruise ships?

  • Do I have to dress up on a Quark Expeditions cruise?


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Quark Expeditions Cruises


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Who goes on Quark Expeditions cruise ships?

Quark attracts active adventure seekers from around the world (though all programs are delivered in English). All share a desire to discover the poles in an environment that's both exhilarating and educational. They're flexible and eagerly expect the unexpected. Passengers are evenly divided between men and women, with about 40 percent coming from North America; Australian and U.K. cruisers are also well represented. Ages, as well, are equally diverse, ranging from 25 to older than 80, with the two strongest age demographics between 35 and 44, and 55 and 64.

You will also find families onboard during school holidays.

Do I have to dress up on a Quark Expeditions cruise?

No. All sailings are informal, and you'll mostly just want to be dressed for the weather and the environment. Women and men are welcome to bring a dress shirt and slacks for the welcome and farewell cocktail parties on select sailings, but it's not required.

Is everything free on Quark Expeditions cruises?

No. Only meals, certain excursions (Zodiac cruising, hiking, snowshoeing, polar plunge), and water, coffee and tea are always included in the base fare for a Quark sailing. All cruisers also get a complimentary Quark Expeditions-branded polar parka to keep and free use of specialty boots during the voyage. Other shore excursions (kayaking, cross-country skiing, camping, etc.) cost extra.

On Antarctic sailings, soft drinks are also included, as well as wine and beer at dinner. Dinnertime wine and beer are only included in the cruise price on select Arctic sailings.

Gratuities are at passengers' discretion, though the line recommends $10 to $15 per person, per day. Laundry is available for an extra cost.

What are Quark Expeditions’s most popular activities?

People come on Quark Expedition cruises for two reasons: to see wildlife and the dramatic scenery the poles offer, and to get off the ship and be as active as possible. Zodiac cruising and shore landings are by far the most popular activities, with the many other shore excursion offerings (hiking, research station visits, snowshoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, etc.) almost as popular.

Onboard talks led by expert naturalists and hanging out on deck for views of icebergs, polar bears, penguins and whales are the top on-ship activities.

Why go with Quark Expeditions?

  • Experts in polar exploration since 1991.
  • Experience close encounters with wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • Wide choice of ships and accommodations, including some with lots of modern comforts.

Best for: Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who want an immersive expedition experience with multiple polar landings

Not for: Drive-by explorers seeking armchair travel activities or five-star onboard amenities

Quark Expeditions Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Absolutely Loved Everything About This Trip

After a lot of google and assessing the information given to me I chose Quark a they appeared to be very experienced in this area and safety conscious. I was not disappointed from the minute I arrived on the ship... Read More
User Avatar
Jules 4

First Time Cruiser

Age 50s

Exceeded expectations! Except maybe for the food.

This seemed like the best value for the money, with a new, fast ship and luxury cabin accommodations. Everything else in the same category was at least 1-2k more expensive. So I was worried this was going to be bad,... Read More
User Avatar

2-5 Cruises

Age 20s


A expedition to Antarctica does not have to be Rough, something I learned on my trip on the Ocean Diamond. The Captain and the expedition leader made choices of site landings and lengths of stays based on their... Read More
User Avatar

10+ Cruises

Age 70s

Fly the Drake to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions on Ocean Adventurer

Flying the Drake is the obvious solution if you don't have a lot of time and get sea sick. Unfortunately we had to wait 48 hours until we were able to fly to King George Island due to the weather conditions. As a... Read More
User Avatar
Where will I go next

2-5 Cruises

Age 40s

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