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Love cruising? Did you know that if you sail multiple times with the same cruise line, you can be rewarded for your loyalty with complimentary drinks, specialty dining, internet and spa services? All you need to do is join a cruise line loyalty program.

Cruise loyalty programs are the ocean equivalent of airline frequent flyer programs, where repeated business earns loyal customers extra perks and rewards. Generally structured on a point system -- in which points are determined by length of cruise or cumulative number of sailings -- cruise line loyalty programs can save you big bucks down the line (and maybe even earn you a free cruise). Enrollment is generally free, and perks can include booking discounts, members-only events, free Internet and complimentary dining at specialty restaurants.

While occasional cruisers will get some benefits, the best rewards are saved for the most avid and highest spending cruisers. For some cruise lines, these benefits add up to hundreds -- if not, thousands -- of dollars saved. On others, the savings aren't as great, but they help make your cruise vacation a special experience. Find out what benefits you'll receive if you keep cruising with your favorite line.

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Azamara Le Club Voyage Cruise Loyalty Program

Azamara's Le Club Voyage is a five-tier cruise loyalty program, in which past passengers earn points based on prior cruise length and cabin category. Members earn points for each cruise night sailed, with inside cabins starting at two points per night. Solo travelers earn double the points, and perks include free internet, VIP member parties, free cruise nights and discounted upgrades.

Go to our page on Azamara's Le Club Voyage for full program details.

Carnival's Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) Club

The Very Important Fun Person Club -- also known as the "VIFP" Club -- is Carnival's five-tier cruise line loyalty program. Structured on a point system, the club offers members one VIFP point for each day cruised with Carnival. Perks range from members-only deals and a free bottle of water to a complimentary meal in a specialty dining venue and a free one-time cabin upgrade.

Check out our page on Carnival's Very Important Fun Person (VIFP) Club for more program details.

Persian Garden on Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club Cruise Loyalty Program

Based on a point system, the Captain's Club -- Celebrity's six-tier cruise loyalty program -- awards past passengers points for each night sailed, with double the points for solo travelers. Points start at two per night for an inside cabin, and go all the way up to 18 for a Royal Suite or Penthouse Suite. Captain's Club members are eligible for booking discounts, cabin upgrades, complimentary seminars and, at the highest level, a free seven-night sailing.

Visit our page on Celebrity's Captain's Club for full program details.

Costa Cruises' CostaClub Cruise Loyalty Program

All Costa passengers -- including those who have just booked their first cruise with the line -- are eligible for the six-tier CostaClub loyalty program. Points are earned with each day sailed, and start at 100 points per day for an inside cabin. However, higher cabin bookings earn additional points, and premium cabin bookings earn double the points. Perks include booking discounts, access to exclusive CostaClub sailings and events, free upgrades and complimentary dining.

For full program details, visit our page on Costa Cruises' CostaClub loyalty program.

Crystal Cruises' Crystal Society Cruise Loyalty Program

Crystal Cruises' Crystal Society is a multi-level loyalty program split into "milestones," in which past passengers earn credits based on cruises sailed with Crystal. Enrollment is automatic, following your first Crystal cruise of five days or longer. Perks include a private dinner, access to member parties, discounts and a complimentary cruise of up to 12 nights in a Penthouse-category cabin.

Visit our page on Crystal Cruises' Crystal Society loyalty program for more details.  

Cunard Line's Cunard World Club Cruise Loyalty Program

Cunard World Club is a four-tiered loyalty program available to all passengers who have completed a Cunard cruise. Achieving higher levels depends on the number of Cunard cruises taken, or the number of cruise nights completed on the line -- whichever is greater. Perks range from member discounts and exclusive member parties, to free internet and complimentary meals.

Go to our page on Cunard Line's Cunard World Club for full program details.

Disney's Castaway Club Cruise Loyalty Program

Based on the number of cruises sailed, Disney's Castaway Club is a three-level loyalty program for past passengers. While it doesn't offer as many perks as other cruise line loyalty programs, Castaway Club does offer special member booking offers, merchandise discounts and in-cabin amenities. Enrollment is automatic, following your first completed cruise.

For more program details, visit our page on Disney's Castaway Club loyalty program.

Fred. Olsen Oceans Cruise Loyalty Club

Fred. Olsen's cruise loyalty club -- called Oceans -- is a multi-tiered program for the line's past passengers. The program is structured on a point system, in which members earn one point per night. Members are automatically enrolled following their first sailing, and perks include shore excursion discounts, priority boarding and special member events.

Check out our Fred. Olsen Oceans loyalty club page for full program details.

Holland America's Eurodam

Holland America Mariner Society Cruise Loyalty Program

Holland America's multi-tiered Mariner Society loyalty program awards "Cruise Day" credits based on days sailed. Suite passengers earn double points, and all passengers are eligible for one bonus credit for every $300 spent onboard. Perks include an exclusive member reception, onboard discounts and reduced rates for third and fourth passengers in the same cabin.

For more program details, visit our page on Holland America's Mariner Society.

Hurtigruten 1893 Ambassador Program Cruise Loyalty Club

Hurtigruten's 1893 Ambassador Program is unlike other cruise lines' loyalty clubs, in that it has no tiers. Past passengers are eligible after they've sailed at least three consecutive nights onboard Hurtigruten, after which they receive all available benefits. Perks include booking discounts, complimentary bike rentals and an in-cabin welcome basket with every sailing.

Go to our page on Hurtigruten's 1893 Ambassador Program for additional program details.

MSC Voyagers Club Cruise Loyalty Program

The MSC Voyagers Club is a multi-level loyalty program for MSC Cruises' past passengers. Points are determined by your chosen cruise "experience" (Bella, Fantastica, Wellness, Aurea or Yacht Club), plus length of cruise. Bonus points are also awarded to passengers who spend €/$150 on onboard extras like spa treatments, shore excursions and shop purchases. Other perks include a members-only cocktail party, discounts and onboard freebies.

Visit our page on the MSC Voyagers Club for more loyalty program details.

Norwegian Latitudes Rewards Cruise Loyalty Program

Structured on a point system, Latitudes Rewards -- Norwegian Cruise Line's four-tier cruise loyalty program -- offers one point for each night cruised with the line. Members are automatically enrolled following their first sailing, and receive perks like concierge service, complimentary dinner and wine at specialty restaurants and an exclusive ship tour. Extra points are also offered to suite or Haven bookings, sailings booked nine or more months in advance and trips booked using a Latitudes offer.

Check out our page on Norwegian's Latitudes Rewards for full program details.

Oceania Club Cruise Loyalty Program

Past passengers are automatically enrolled in Oceania Club -- Oceania Cruises' multi-tiered loyalty program -- following their first cruise. Points are determined by the length of each cruise, and perks include onboard credit, shore excursion discounts and complimentary cruises of up to 14 nights.

Visit our page on Oceania's Oceania Club for more program details.

P&O Cruises Australia Loyalty Program

Currently, there is no formal loyalty program for P&O Cruises in Australia. There are exclusive offers for passengers who sign up to the P&O Cruises newsletter. However, these offers do not always apply as it depends on the terms and conditions of the promotion available for a particular cruise. Promotions vary but include benefits such as a cruise fare discount, additional onboard credit or add-ons.

Note: P&O Australia cruises can be credited to the Princess Cruises loyalty program if you are a registered member. See below.

The Terrace Pool on Crown Princess

Princess Captain's Circle Cruise Loyalty Program

Captain's Circle is the four-tier loyalty program for Princess Cruises' past passengers, in which members receive one credit for each cruise taken and double credits for suite and solo bookings. Enrolment is not automatic, so passengers must register on Princess Cruises' website following their first cruise. Benefits include members-only events, complimentary services and amenities as well as free internet credits.

Days spent on P&O Australia cruises also can count towards the Princess loyalty program. The policy is slightly different for P&O UK in that only bookings made before December 2017 count towards Princess loyalty.

Check out our Captain's Circle page for more program details.

Regent's Seven Seas Society Loyalty Program

Based on the number of nights sailed, Regent's Seven Seas Society is a multi-tier loyalty program. Passengers are automatically enrolled after their first completed Regent cruise of seven nights or longer. Member perks include private member events, discounts and complimentary onboard services.

Visit our page on Regent's Seven Seas Society for full program details.

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society Cruise Loyalty Program

The Crown & Anchor Society is a complimentary loyalty program available to passengers after their first three-night cruise or longer. The program is structured on a point system, where members receive one cruise point for every night sailed onboard a Royal Caribbean ship, with double the points for suite bookings.

Visit our page on Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society for full program details.

Seabourn Cruises' Seabourn Club Loyalty Program

Seabourn Club is the five-tier cruise loyalty program for Seabourn Cruises' past passengers. Like most loyalty programs, Seabourn Club is structured on a point system, in which points correlate with cruise days. The opportunity for extra points is also available on penthouse and premium suite bookings, on "Seabourn Journey" sailings and for members who spend more than $500 on onboard or pre-cruise purchases. Perks include discounts, members-only events and complimentary services.

For full program details, visit our page on Seabourn's Seabourn Club.

Silversea Venetian Society Cruise Loyalty Program

Silversea Cruises' loyalty program -- called The Venetian Society -- is a one-size-fits-all loyalty program for past passengers. Members are automatically enrolled following their first sailing, and all enjoy the same set of perks, including booking discounts, member parties and, at the highest level, complimentary cruises.

Go to our page on Silversea's Venetian Society program for full program details.

The Aft Deck on Wind Spirit

Windstar Cruises' Windstar Yacht Club Loyalty Program

Once you've completed your first cruise, you are automatically enrolled in the Windstar Yacht Club, Windstar Cruises' single-level loyalty program. Member benefits include discounted upgrades and amenities, exclusive cocktail parties and dinner with the captain or officers.

Visit our page on Windstar Cruises' Windstar Yacht Club for more program details.