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Your biggest difficulty planning a European cruise is narrowing down where you want to go. A Western Mediterranean itinerary usually includes stops in Barcelona and Monaco, as well as ports in Italy. Eastern Mediterranean cruises encompass eastern Italy, Croatia and Greece, and sometimes even Turkey and Israel. A Baltic Sea voyage brings you to Scandinavia and Russia; the Norwegian Fjords carry their own beauty. Don't forget about British Isles cruises, which allow you to visit castles in England, Scotland and London. For sun lovers, it's hard to beat the Canary Islands.
From the pristine beaches and ancient ruins of the Eastern Mediterranean to the artsy and flavorful countries of the Western Mediterranean, this region is easily one of the most diverse in the world. Revel at Spanish and Italian architecture, soak up some sun in Greece, explore antiquities in Istanbul and Malta or get a taste of the French countryside on the outskirts of Nice, Monte Carlo or Cannes. Some Med itineraries dip down into northern Africa; the Canary Islands are also a popular stop for repositioning cruises.
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Just Back From European Christmas Markets: 5 Things to Know in 2017
(4:50 p.m. EST) -- Christmas markets across Europe are in full swing and cruisers are taking advantage of the season onboard ships sailing the rivers of Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and even Portugal. Pre- and post-cruise stays in cities like Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Munich, Paris, and London offer even more time in in the world's most fabulous markets. We're currently on the Danube -- shopping, eating, and drinking along the way. Here's what we've experienced so far this year.

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